JingleBell Communication



Founded in 1981, Jinglebell is one of the most prominent Italian audio production companies. More than 40 years later, this historic company located in the center of Milan has greatly expanded its services: today Jinglebell Voice&Music, the company unit assigned to advertising, offers a variety of services ranging from radio announcements to audio post-production, from music creation to sound design, from identity brand projects to international productions by making use of studios, musicians, voices and sound designers from all over the world.


Our audio expertise combined with specific know-how in the field of software gave the company the opportunity to become a leading player in the fledgling multimedia industry. Jinglebell established the first of many partnerships with major international publishers for multimedia and videogame localization. At the same time the company began specific audio production for multimedia publishers, and began to set up its own internal software development team.


Jinglebell moved to its current offices in Via Conca di Naviglio, equipped with four dubbing studios, a recording studio (Metropolis Digital), and offices suitable for accommodating a staff of professionals dedicated to the implementation of multimedia services, including online and offline project development, client-server software production and web site creation.


Jinglebell entered the video production sector with two postproduction studios and a network of professionals capable of covering the principle production requirements for industrial and below the line marketing.


The company opened the Via Legnano offices in the heart of Milan's Audio-Video community, with two recording studios and Dolby Digital mixing.


Jinglebell put together a network of companies with the objective of being able to guarantee excellence in audio/video production and in the development of multimedia projects. In particular, we secured agreements to work more closely with Creeo studios and with ExMachina, both long-term partners, to guarantee an increased level of service at competitive prices.


Jinglebell began developing applications for the mobile phone market as well, initially for iOS and subsequently for other platforms, now including the latest tablets and Windows 8 smartphones.


A dedicated internal division.was set up to handle video work. This meant Jinglebell had all the necessary resources to work on both external and in-house productions, with a particular focus on the enterprise market and digital productions.


Jinglebell invested in developing internal expertise related to publishing schedules for digital channels, producing customised content for different clients and management of marketing campaigns. For Olio Cuore, an integrated project was set up to leverage the website, Facebook and YouTube channel using a shared monthly publishing schedule and the synergy between them to interact with customers.


Jinglebell developed its first Digital Innovation projects and partnered with Microsoft to present the world's first interactive restaurant window for New York's Barilla, based on Azure cloud infrastructure and the Kinect sensor.


New professionals arrive as part of the company's sharpened focus on retail and Digital Innovation. The aim is to improve integration between digital and media production activities by using specific technologies for collecting and analysing data directly at the point of sale.


Jinglebell joins the Keywords Studios group with the aim of strengthening its ability to offer innovative services worldwide in multiple languages.


4 recording studios

2 audio mixing studios

1 soundtrack, music and effects
     recording studio

1 film studio for corporate videos
     and advertisements

2 video editing studios