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Jinglebell has always worked with the most accomplished voice actors and dubbing directors, initially in Milan, and then in Rome as well. Decades of experience in the field have now allowed the company to establish an international reputation for excellence. Participation in the Keywords Studios group gives Jinglebell instant access to all the resources required for creating guide tracks and dubbing across multiple languages.  Furthermore, extensive experience in the fields of audio and music production, utilizing specialized studios across Europe and America, positions Jinglebell as a favored partner for the creation of soundtracks, SFX and film trailers.

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Cinema & TV dubbing background
Cinema & TV dubbing icon
Cinema & TV dubbing icon
Script translation and adaptation
Multilingual dubbing with in-country recording
Mixing and mastering
Creation of soundtracks and effect tracks
Localization and cultural adaptation of songs
Video post-production and subtitling
Accessibility services

Subtitling (CC and SDH)
Audio descriptions



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