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The dedicated localization business unit was inaugurated in 1991, making Jinglebell one of the first Italian companies to offer specialized audio production for videogames. Today it is a market leader with an enviable international reputation. Over more than three decades, Jinglebell has collaborated with leading international publishers and developers, localizing hundreds of titles, working on prestigious series including Fortnite, Battlefield and Sonic. Jinglebell's work is distinguished by its professionalism and a deep knowledge of, and passion for, the sector. Access to studios and resources across five continents allows the company to expertly manage multilingual projects of any size and complexity, from casual mobile games to expansive open world RPGs. The pool of enthusiastic talent covers an expansive range of preferences and skills, allowing Jinglebell to match the right person to the right project.

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Text translation, adaptation and editing across multiple languages
Audio localization
Trailer and marketing material adaptation
Social channel management
Playtesting and player support


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