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Pablo” Season 2 (re-telling autism through dubbing)

“Pablo” is an English TV series for preschool that mixes live action and 2D animation.
In each episode, the 5 years old Pablo uses his crayons and gives life to a magic world populated by friendly animals that help him understanding the real world and teach how to face it with confidence.

This 52-episodes series is centered on autism and describes it in a delicate and poetic way.

Dubbing this series has been exciting yet challenging: how does a studio need to approach such an important topic when producing a language versioning?
Well, you have to pay extreme attention both on the words’ nuances and on talents’ acting, more than you would do with any other series or feature film.

In “Pablo”, each character has its own precise personality which is the reflection of the autism spectrum. On a dubbing point of view, this means that words and voices must coexist in perfect balance, never going out of lines: no screams, no shrill voices, no “big words” when translating and adapting.
Since the target audience are children aged between 4-6 years old, it is extremely important to keep an appropriate language (simple, easily comprehensible and not too much “wordy”- just as it is in the original) to be sure that the inner message of the series remains intact and is not affected by a sort of intrusive acting.

If you are curious about this series and want to hear with your own ears the result we achieved, then enjoy all the 52 episodes available now on RaiPlay

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